SCP Australia

Products and Services

SCP specialises in integrating complex hardware and software with services. For example, SCP will integrate the following partners to provide a demonstration system comprising:

  • Linux infrastructure - Red Hat and SUSE
  • IBM Tivoli software includes:
    • Automation
    • Asset Management (which encompasses MAXIMO)
    • Monitoring
    • Storage
    • Security
  • IBM Rational software provides a software development platform that improves the speed, quality, and predictability of software projects

SCP is also well known for its ability to provide highly qualified, multi-disciplined professionals. These IBM z Systems experts come in the form of consultants, developers and project managers.

Having carefully selected its partners, SCP invests time and effort in hands-on training and certification to ensure maximum return on investment in the quickest possible time. SCP's services are tailored to suit your budget and time frame. We will work with you in the early stages of the project to help you establish your requirements and then continue to work with you throughout the full life-cycle.


Our mission has always been to help organizations maximize efficiency and quality in the management of their information systems environments.

Founded in 1987, RES conducts business throughout Italy, while expanding into the global market through a wholly owned subsidiary in the U.S, RES-IT US and also works with a network of certified partners and distributors in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia.

RES has built a community of international customers and partners.

RES regularly organizes events and workshops to give their customer community the opportunity to discuss issues relating to the RES Suite of products. Each “RES Customer Meeting” is a time for sharing of knowledge and, above all, a starting point for new ideas for further development and enhancement of the RES Suite products.

Our Offerings: the RES Suite, Services and Skills

When an I.T. organization is starting to investigate a project to address any potential optimization of their more complex information systems, they need to look for a trusted partner that can identify the best solutions, develop the appropriate strategies and support their organization in the review and implementation of the automation of the necessary processes.

RES, with its suite of technology solutions, its qualified services and its depth of experience and expertise can certainly address these needs and provide the highest level of quality.

Over the past 25 years RES has followed the process of evolving developing IT strategies, providing performance optimization, monitoring the signs of the changing marketplace and supporting its customers in the complex task of improving the management of information systems.

RES Suite

The approach taken by RES is based on competence and standardized customization solutions, which are provided by the RES Suite, as a complete solution for integrated modular process engineering, overall system governance and data quality and management.

Over the past 25 years RES has continued to invest in R & D, resulting in the RES Suite supporting multiple IT platform environments and different languages. RES Suite consists of a wide variety of independent and synergistic products centred on a comprehensive and efficient “Knowledge Database” around which all RES Suite technology solutions are based.

The advantages guaranteed by RES Suite:

  • the use of a single vendor solution avoids data duplication and redundancy typical in environments, where multiple, different vendor products have been installed.
  • data and processes accessing a single centralized repository, eliminating replication between different systems and platforms thus minimizing the risk of incompatibility, duplicating data and wasting valuable processing resources on running duplicate job steps.
  • optimizing performance, reducing operating costs and increasing quality of service and resource productivity
  • providing the advantage in terms of completeness of coverage with respect to functional requirements, quality and results.


As part of RES Suite technology offering, SCP as a Business Partner of RES, provides a full range of Professional Services: Consulting, Project Management, Service Management, Help Desk, Maintenance and Training.

Targeted Projects with services and/or Consulting, RES is able to advise on detailed design and implementations with the best solutions for our customers in the areas of organizational, methodology, architecture, systems and applications. To ensure a smooth transition and follow up, training courses, including on the job training will ensure the customer can work independently and to maximize the investment in RES Suite.

Help Desk and Maintenance services, provides a “unique support centre” fully able to address any issues associated with the RES Suite tools:

  • advice and guidance on implementation, configuration and use of the tools
  • activities associated with fault analysis and management
  • maintenance corrections and evolutionary changes
  • releases of software updates and new versions of the tools.


RES demonstrates its best knowledge in two primary areas of Enterprise IT Management:

  • Process Engineering and
  • System Governance.

For these two areas, all the necessary answers are provided by RES to address the need for optimization and governance of the information systems relating to all the main organizations’ IT “responsibilities”: from the Strategic Direction to Applications Development, from Operations to Change Management, from Data Management to Quality Assurance.

RES Suite for the Development Area

Docet/MP - A highly detailed and efficient database for knowledge and documentation of the entire information system environment. Docet MP is able to provide complete documentation, mapping and impact analysis of the corporate IT assets for both the mainframe and distributed systems.

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Docet IAU - Impact Analysis Utilities - A powerful tool for identifying, within a group of system components, where to apply changes that could have multiple impacts on the customer’s infrastructure.

WIC Planet - A sophisticated dashboard that provides access to the knowledge and control of the cusonters complete information system.

JADe/MP - A tool for the automatic design and generation of batch scripts, JCL and/or schedules.

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UpTown/MP - Provides complete autonomy for customers to execute and manage batch processes along with the related customization parameters.

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RES Suite for the Quality of Software and Change Management

HPL/QA - A sophisticated analysis tool for the automated quality control of applications software. HPL/QA helps reducing costs and optimizing programs, resulting in a higher standard of performance.

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PE/QA - Standards enforcement, quality control and detection of errors in batch scripts, JCL and scheduling nets.

QA/Me - A system for the measurement of applications software that enables the assessment of quality and the cost of managing applications based on a variety of metrics.

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ARPA – For the identification and archival or deletion of obsolete information system components. Can significantly reduce the cost of application maintenance especially in the areas of facility management, whether outsourced or not..

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RES-IAD - Information in real time concerning end-point infrastructure for improved control of license compliance and business service resulting in a reduction in costs.

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DDL Changer - Manages the life cycle of DDL (Data Definition Language) and is able to automatically make changes to the source DDL objects as they move through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

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RES Suite for the Production Area

J-MAN - provides automatic management of Job Control Language (JCL) and batch processing (validation, quality, generation of cloned copies, automatic changes, migrations from different environments and more) ensuring more efficient performance, optimization of day to day processing and long term reliability.

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Re-Engineering - improves the performance and quality of batch processing networks by increasing parallelism, reducing obsolete jobs and job steps and providing automation for the rerun/restart operations, whilst reducing this time.

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Ws-Planning - provides the ability to monitor and predict the performance of a batch production environment. By predicting what will happen in the next production processing window it is possible to pre-empt and fix the errors before they cause any delays in processing.

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CPF - Critical Path Finder - provides the ability to identify and reduce the critical paths in batch processes.

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Res Suite for the Management of Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data Manager is a family of innovative multiplatform products within the Res Suite that combines ease of use and maximum efficiency. They provide improved response to the need of Data Management and Data Quality:

Data and Data Quality Management (PDF)

EdMan - A robust solution of data knowledge and quality that provides the best knowledge of the corporate IT assets to control and restore the quality of data.

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EdMan DLC - Data Life Cycle - archival, storage and refreshing, providing an efficient solution that keeps in check the growth of corporate data bases and a reduction of the costs for managing the lifecycle of data.

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Daisy - Daisy is a product for subsetting data, that ensures reduced implementation times and the absolute consistency of the functional references between different entities.

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Daisy DM - The process of Data Masking (DM) often accompanies that of subsetting. Daisy DM is able to work either independently or jointly with Daisy as a single, efficient process with very little effort.

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